Greetings from the UK!

Aug 19, 2023 | 1 comment

Dear friends,
We’ve arrived in the UK! Here’s a very brief update…

Answers to prayer!

After a very busy couple of weeks packing up and saying goodbye to friends and family in Rio, we have finally ‘set sail’ and arrived in London (if you missed my last email explaining this move, you can see it using the link at the end of this one). It’s great to be back and God has answered so many of our prayers.
Praise God for:

  • Providing a good buyer for our car a week before we left Rio.
  • Providing a flat for us in London. It’s ideal for us and right next to a beautiful park (Chinbrook Meadows) and public transport links to Hope Church venues. It had seemed almost impossible with the current housing crisis in London, but a friend of a friend from a local Anglican church heard about our need and was happy to rent to us.
  • Interviews for part-time jobs – I’ve already had one in Bexley (to teach Spanish) which I hope to hear back about soon and I have another on Tuesday in Lewisham (teaching ESOL). Please keep praying!
  • Generosity of friends and family – we’re so grateful for the generosity we have been shown by friends and family to help us get set up here in the UK. We have even been given a car (with a year’s car insurance!) so we will be able to visit family in Cambridgeshire and friends elsewhere!

Please pray for:

  • Our flat in Rio, that the estate agent we have hired will look after it and rent it out to the right person ASAP.
  • The boys to get places at the local school (Marvels Lane Primary School) in time for the start of term.
  • For God to help me with all the bureaucracy of setting up bills, council tax, parking permits, etc etc. It’s all foreign to me having lived in Brazil for the last 11 years!
  • Our one Pulse English class online which Caroline and Julie will be teaching from next month – pray for a fruitful semester.
  • For us as a family to get the rest and refuelling we believe God has spoken to us about over the coming months.

Thank you for reading this and for all your support. We hope to hear from you or see you soon. To see our previous prayer letter, click on the long link below.

Much love,

Michael and Fernanda

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  1. letsema martin

    God is good that you got a house, God is faithful with all the remaining things that you are still expecting to achieve.


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