Purposed is a unique approach to equipping the next generation for what God has for them.  Purposed is a 10- month program run by several Regions Beyond Churches in the Northwest of the United States. It’s aim is to build up the next generation of Church leaders through a broad base of experiences, training, and volunteering.

From preaching to backpacking, skill-learning to serving, Bible study to skiing; applicants will be challenged, encouraged and equipped for the life they are called to live for Jesus.

Purposed is aimed at setting participants on the solid rock of Jesus and giving them a platform from which to step into the lives God has called them to live.


Purposed would make a great gap year experience, as well as a new challenge for
any young leader who is eager to grow. Anyone 18 or older can apply. Most
applicants will be between the ages of 18 and 25, but if you are outside of that range we will still consider your application!

Please note that for an applicant to successfully join the program they must go through the application process – acceptance into the program is not guaranteed and is subject to the discretion of the Purposed team.


Purposed runs from September 1 to June 30 the following year.* If this does not align with your school year from your country please indicate that in your application. You are still invited to apply. We will do our best to accommodate late starts, as well as those applicants who would prefer to come for a full year (12 months instead of 10).

Purposed is designed to be a fully integrated approach to discipleship, which includes:
  • Training (Theological training and leadership training on a wide variety of topics)
  • Adventure trips
  •  A volunteer position at a local Church
  •  Personal growth and development
  •  Building relationships
  • Real life skills training


Our goal is to make this program as accessible as possible to our Worldwide family of Churches given the vast different backgrounds.

Applicants should expect some form of fundraising as part of the process – exact amounts will be discussed in the process of applying. The amount raised is intended to help cover housing, food, incidentals, and other costs associated with training. These costs will vary depending on what housing is available, daily travel needs, the local Church setup, whether applicants plan to work part time etc.

The program fee is $5,000.00. This amount covers housing, food, incidentals, and other costs associated with training.

Travel costs, including any flights and visas, are also the responsibility of the applicant.

We are currently working behind the scenes to lower these costs if we can, and in the meantime we have several scholarships available for specific situations. If the program cost prohibits your participation, please indicate that in your application.

Additionally, U.S. applicants are permitted to work part time outside of Purposed if necessary or desired.


Purposed is led by a group of passionate leaders within the Regions Beyond USA family of Churches.


Applications are open from March 2022. Apply through the training tab on the
Regions Beyond website: www.regionsbeyond.net.

Here’s how the application process works:
  1. Fill in the application here
  2. State what church placement you’d like to be based at. (There are several Churches based in Washington and Montana to choose from.)
  3. The Purposed team reviews applications and discusses them with relevant families and church leaders.
  4. You are interviewed.
  5. Placement is offered.
  6.  Visas are processed.
  7. Fees are paid by September. (Different payment plans are available.)
  8. Program starts September 1, 2022.


Please Contact Cameron Oliver at coliver@revivemt.org