Ministry in the Lesotho Mountains

May 10, 2022 | 0 comments

Deep in the heart of the Lesotho mountains, in the Southern part of Africa, lies a remote village in an area called Kuebunyanye. Pete West, who leads River of Life Church in the capital of Lesotho, has been working alongside MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) to establish a school and church in this village. The church building was completed a few months ago and they have been regularly gathering. When the school is launched they will initially gather in this building too.

Mabohlokoa, from River of Life, is going to be moving from the capital to Kuebunyanye to become the school teacher in the new year. The photograph shows her recent visit alongside the Wests. They took a small plane to the little airstrip which MAF built to aid access to the village. Without this transport, from the capital it is a 5 hour drive plus a 6 hour walk to the village!

Alongside teaching, Mabohlokoa will be involved in the new church plant. Pete and Regions Beyond are looking to continue supporting Mabohlokoa and MAF as they carry out this wonderful ministry into the heart of the Lesotho mountains.


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