Honouring the centrality of the local church

We have a high view of church because it is central to God’s eternal purpose. This is expressed in each member’s devotion to prayer, worship and service in their local church.

As a family of churches, we believe in the centrality of the church in God’s eternal purpose.

 We believe that God’s great plan has always been that through local communities of disciples – through our love for one another, our commitment to one another, our service together, our mission together, our lifestyle together, our attitudes, our actions, and our unity together as bodies of believers ….... that: through the church – God’s wisdom – his mercy, his grace, his power, his authority, his patience, his care …

“should be made known.” Eph3:10. In fact we believe…

The one great purpose of God in history, in this age, and in the ages to come is the gathering of the church.

Sometimes we can be tempted to think of our own local church, or even the universal church across the world as something small and irrelevant compared to all the others things around us that effect our lives and demand our attention on a regular basis. In actual fact, according to the Bible, there is nothing more important in this world than the Church – The church across the world and across history. That includes every local church too. There is nothing more important in your town that your church. That has always been the case and it always will be. Everything else is finite – only the Church has an eternal future.


Our common desire is to see every church among us established as a loving, prayerful, worshiping community that is centred on Jesus, deeply rooted in the Word of God and fully empowered by the Holy Spirit, in order to be effective witnesses in our local communities and across the nations.



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