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Greetings to Regions Beyond family from the United States. Thank you for praying with us and for us.

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Good evening to you my name is Richard Davies, I’m based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north-east of England, and my wife and I attend Emanuel Church in Durham. Just been listening to your video prayer requests and just feel the holy spirit is saying to me that he is setting before you a wide effective door into your community. The way you are to go through this is to understand that you will succeed where others have failed. This means you need to look at where others have made attempts at community workAnd have failed. You’re a dick pic up where they have left off, and God will grant you great success. I trust this helps I keep praying for you all. God bless Richard

Good afternoon this is a follow-on word from I would’ve shared briefly last night the reason I believe God wants you to succeed where others failed is because God would say to you I want you was a people to stand in the gap and to make up the hedge. There are many people in your community or hurting, in despair, full of distressed, because they’ve been let down and disappointed by others in the past. I’m calling you to stand in the gap for those who heard in as they want you to make a highway for the Lord. I trust this house I’ll keep praying for you, God bless Richard

Good afternoon once again this is a word I believe God has given me for the church was looking for a permanent building. Since praying for this all last week, I keep seeing what appears to be a single story building, it reminds me of a small primary school from the nineteen fifties to 19 sixties the front is more glass panels intersected with an occasional yellow panel. The front of this building doesn’t appear to have much ground to it but there is a grass bank leading up to it. There is more ground behind the school or behind this building then there is in the front of it. I believe what God is sayingI believe what God is saying is this he has secured the right building for you. Don’t despair trust him he knows what he’s doing on your behalf. God bless Richard

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