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Hey Regions Beyond family,
In case you missed our Global Prayer meeting on the 15th of May – fear not. We have two blog posts that give you different perspectives, insights and an even greater desire to make it to our next one which is on the 17th of July at 9am GMT where we will be praying for our friends and family in India, Bhutan, Nepal & Pakistan!

Global Prayer East Asia

Scarlett Payne
I am from England, have a middle class background, and speak only one language.
But I am called to global mission.
We all are! (Matthew 28:19)
It was an honour to join with others from Regions Beyond for the ‘Global Prayer East Asia’ Zoom meeting! I can summarise it in 4 words:
Adoration, Connectedness, Unity (in the Spirit) and Passion.
These words make the anagram ‘A CUP’, which is a Biblical symbol of salvation! A few verses can be applied to each word to further summarise God’s delight in our missional prayer.

Adoration – Psalm 23

We began with live worship from one of the countries represented. Although we were all in different countries and on ‘mute’, God’s presence was with each of us.
There was freedom to delight in the Lord and hear His heart for the nations and the lost. It was amazing to think that people were singing spontaneously in their own languages – a picture of the time to come, where every tribe and tongue stands before the throne (Revelation 7:9).

Connectedness – Mark 9:40-41

Church leaders representing China, Malaysia and the Philippines shared what is happening where they are and prayed for their nations. It was moving to see the heart God has given them for the people they’re called to.
To see and hear directly from the church leaders made me feel closer to their missions. I have a clearer picture of their specific needs, which aids my prayer (James 5:16).

Unity (in the Spirit) = Psalm 116 (vs. 13-14)

We then had the opportunity to pray in smaller breakout rooms. This was a wonderful time of listening to Holy Spirit, lifting up our voices to God and calling out in the name of Jesus for His will to be done.
There were fewer people in these groups, which challenged each participant to share. I found this encouraging because all of God’s children reflect different parts of His image – we are better together!

Passion – Matthew 20:22-23

To end, we worshipped again and it was beautiful to recognise that our adoration and prayers had already changed the future; God was working behind the scenes to fulfill them and advance His Kingdom!
It was inspiring to see people who were all passionate about God’s vision for each nation to come to pass. I cannot wait till the next meeting, thank you!

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