“…I remember getting into my flat at the safe house, rolling up a joint and smoking. I decided to have a look at the Bible I’d been given. I can’t really recall what verse I read but I do remember something incredible happened that changed me in so many ways. Something that money can’t buy or any human could ever give you. I felt peace and calm like never before and had flashbacks of all my sins and everything else that was upon me.

I cried and made the choice that day to turn away from everything I had done. All the hate and pain, and feeling unworthy, unclean and unloved. I surrendered that day and asked God to forgive me. I said I was sorry and I was happy He found me. It was like a light switched n and I could see everything for the first time. I felt God’s love and started to get hungry for the Word and wanted to know Him and have a relationship with Him and to grow, and I’m still on that journey now.

On this day, I’m being baptised because I have chosen to live my life for Jesus and to glorify His name. I leave the past behind; all my worries, pain, burdens and sins. I know I fall short of the glory of God and sin every day, but I know that His grace and mercy are bigger than my sins.

I look back at how far I have come and how much He has healed me, and it just amazes me every day. I trust and embrace Him and the love and peace He gives me when I’m in the storms that are beyond my understanding.
Knowing that I have this relationship with my father in heaven makes me want to embrace His love in everything I do.

He’s the reason why I’m alive today and He’s the reason why I’m standing here. He’s the person I want to spend eternity with- He’s my father, my comforter, and my provider. I give my heart and soul to Him and will try to live my for Jesus…”

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