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October 2019 saw the latest UK and European Hub hosted brilliantly by City Church, Gloucester UK. We were reminded that Gloucester was the home of William Tyndale and George Whitefield, so there was a great sense of excitement that this was truly a place to meet with God! Leaders from RB churches across the UK and from Holland and France gathered with expectancy. Here is a selection of the highlights.

Simon Turner – (New Life Church, Biggin Hill)

Simon opened with a stirring message based on 1 Timothy 2 on making disciples who will make disciples, entitled ‘Trusted to Entrust’, using the examples of the soldier, athlete and farmer to inspire us to have focus, discipline and perseverance as we diligently disciple others. Then Mark Jones (City Church, Gloucester) beautifully unpacked the vision of Regions Beyond as a ‘family of families’, reminding us that we are all ‘in Christ’ and that our RB values motivate our family behaviours, our commitment to one another and our responsibility to serve one another.

Alex Beaken (Jubilee Church, Worthing)

Alex painted a powerful and memorable picture of what it means to come before God and be in His presence using Isaiah chapter 6 as his text, exhorting us to gaze in wonder at the One who sits on the throne and is high and lifted up. He entreated us to seek life- changing encounters with God, and challenged us to ‘call to one another’, encouraging and calling faith from one another

Trevor Payne

challenged us with the phrase from Acts 26:19 ‘I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision’, reminding us that what we had received during the Hub was a vision from heaven, requiring from us a response and new decisions. He encouraged us to step forward and take new ground.

Steve introduces Rodrigue Sacramento from Montpellier, France and Jeff Kidwell from Cape Town, SA.
Steve Oliver

also used Isaiah 6 as his text. Looking at the mighty encounters and revelation of God Himself that sustained the great prophet, Steve called us to seek personal encounters with God and a fresh revelation of His purposes. He also cited the history of the Moravian movement of the 1700s and the commonality between their story and ours. Their ‘Brotherly Agreement’ (in many ways reflected in our RB values), along with fervent prayer, led to the birth of a new era.

…to the other!

Trevor Payne has recently visited Regions Beyond churches in Australia and has some exciting news to share.

 I’m so pleased to be able to share the news that Everyday Church, Adelaide are now fully committed members of the Regions Beyond family. Rachel and I have recently spent three days there, meeting with Will Hall and his team in various settings. One evening we gathered their wider leaders in an exciting meeting where we all recognised that God has aligned our hearts and joined us together.

This was a very special moment for Glenn and Emma Paten, who came out to Australia one year ago from Hope Church, Bromley, with a call to plant a Regions Beyond church here. They almost immediately met Will, who was leading a small group out of a much more liberal setting, and discovered they shared a common vision for a fresh and dynamic local community here.

Our visit here came at an auspicious moment, as Marcio Maia from Rio Vivo Church, Brazil was just concluding a week’s visit here, in preparation for a move to Adelaide next March with his family in order to be part of the new plant. He had both led worship and shared during the meeting on Sunday, which had truly confirmed their desire to be part of our international family.

Marcio’s visit
the eldership team

Lynton, Will, (Rachel), Glenn (Emma) (Trevor) & Chris

The wider team of missional home leaders

Over the last ten months, since our initial RB gathering with Grace City Church in February (which was Will’s introduction to our movement), Mike Irving has visited Everyday Church twice and helped lay a great foundation for future relationship and cooperation between the two churches. The four elders, Will, Lynton, Chris and Glenn, were full of praise for the insights and help Mike and his team had brought them, and they are looking forward to a shared future together, embracing the joint mission God has given us.

If you would like more details of the work in Adelaide, please contact Will Hall via the RB website.

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