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Prayers of many

The month of June 2019 was set aside by RB churches in the UK as a month of dedicated, corporate prayer. On Wednesday June 26th,via a live Facebook link across the nation, Steve Oliver led the ‘Prayers of Many’ from Christ Central Church in Penge, SE London.

Steve Oliver leading prayer
Mark Thornett commented:

“The good crowd that attended enjoyed the whole evening, and it really helped us to feel part of the wider RB family. It was a privilege and a joy to join in praying with so many others from across the UK, and the biggest question at the end was, ‘When is the next one?’”

Max Eaton was in Penge. He says:

“It was a huge privilege to host the first RB live streamed prayer meeting at Christ Central. God was clearly with us (there were no technical issues!). To know that we were praying simultaneously with friends across the nation was incredible and very powerful. We can’t wait for the next one!”


Simon Turner commented:

“Redeeming social media one prayer meeting at a time! It was great to use the wonders of modern technology to be ‘connected’ to Regions Beyond Churches all over our nation. The sense of togetherness was wonderful with a real highlight being when all the churches were named one by one, a great reminder of the wider UK family.”

Trevor Payne was equally encouraging:

“I think the ‘Prayers of Many’ evening was the beginning of something quite special for us as a movement. It gave us a real sense of family; a sense of being together at prayer, coordinated right across the nation. It was a very special time and I think that everyone benefitted from it and we will see the results of those prayers. My view is, let’s do it again, and let’s do it as often as possible!”

King's Church
Kings church selby
City Church
apex isle of wight
The promise of scripture is…

…if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chron 7:14


…and the prophetic word to us as a movement is:

The fire of a new era is for the purpose of sending out sparks to ignite many around and to which many will come and take burning embers so as to cause the same fire to burn in other regions and nations. Amen!

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