NEWS – february 20

A new era for africa

Gary Welsh has sent this report to update us on exciting developments in Zambia.

On 19th January we had the great pleasure of setting aside Dixon Nguni, Elias Mwila and Henry Lubasi as elders for Jubilee Community Church in Livingstone, Zambia.

Over the years since it was planted Jubilee has experienced many trials and difficulties and so getting to this moment is a testimony to God’s goodness and grace and the faithfulness of these three men. We were grateful for the many friends who joined us from other parts of Zambia; Limulunga, Sikaunzwe, Lusaka and Kitwe.

Dixon, Elias and Henry have emerged as fathers of the church and we would appreciate your prayers for them to grow in their love of the church and their leadership gifting.

The celebration took place in a small building that the church are erecting on land in an area called Dambwa Central. The purchase of the land was possible due to a gift and the current building is the first phase of development.

Please pray for Jubilee as they seek God in how best to impact the neighbours living in the area around the building and that finance is released to continue with developing the land. Please pray also that this day of rejoicing will see many saved and added to Jubilee in this exciting new era.

Pam Nichols has recently moved with her husband, Colin, to be part of the Freedom Church plant and Seven Springs Training Centre in Merrivale, KZN.

She brings us uptodate with more exciting developments across Africa.

It’s hard to choose stories to share from Africa as there is so much growth in our world. Here are a four short stories to give a flavour.

After a few years of moving from one building to another, we are delighted to say that the church in Zanzibar now has a structure built with money sent from Freedom Church in South Africa. Let’s rejoice with them as they had been recently meeting in a public park where they couldn’t even worship properly.

The Zanzibar church have faced much opposition and persecution as most land is owned by the Muslim community, so they are loving the fact they now have an established ‘home’. Here’s some baptisms in the Indian Ocean off Zanzibar, showing the leader Nashon Ramadhani. Please pray for this courageous leader.

Meanwhile in Harding, South Africa, Leon has been busy working out his vision to stir up evangelism in local churches, and raising up groups of evangelists who can go and assist pastors and church planters. They ran five training blocks last year, including people who don’t feel ‘called’ to evangelism but could still be equipped to go back to their home churches and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are even followed up practically afterwards – a great model.

We enjoyed the benefits of this here in Merrivale, KZN recently, in the build-up to our church plant being launched. We did prophetic evangelism and ‘treasure hunting’ with their encouragement and help. Everything was backed up by a 24/7 prayer schedule – it was truly remarkable to see so many connections formed, long-established friendships rekindled, and prophetic words of encouragement coming in from around the world. In response to a prophetic vision during the prayer for example, Shannon felt to go to the darkest places in the area, so a group of ladies and young girls went to visit some prostitutes by the roadside. Our ladies took a bowl and soap and knelt down to wash dusty feet. As this prophetic act happened, people opened up, and prayers and prophecies flowed – very sad stories were shared, tears of shame were shed and hearts were given to Jesus. The build-up to our launch really felt like a work of God’s grace and favour in that He had gone ahead of us in so many situations.

Another demonstration of our Regions Beyond partnerships came in the form of a team being sent from Mount Helena, Montana USA to help renovate the building for us – no mean feat! We had a fantastic launch day as Freedom Church a few Sundays ago, with lots of friends and people from local churches visiting to celebrate with us.

We have spent a long time making good connections with local churches and there is a real sense of togetherness for the gospel across the area – not something we take for granted!


Up in Mozambique, Calmito is helping a lot of people get married within the church context, and has ended up viewing weddings as a way of evangelising. He sent this message about his latest flurry of weddings.

“…the two families come together in crowds to celebrate and us as leaders in the ceremony, we speak about the importance of the gospel and Christian family. What I found .. is that some members of these families stood up in the middle of the church declaring that they are joining the church from that day forward because of the love they saw in us and are still in our church today!

So come and be part of events in Mozambique!

Love to all RB family.”

Calmito is a busy man, as he has also been venturing up north into the bush, opening up a whole new area called Gaza province. He is faithfully sharing Regions Beyond values and linking churches together.

If you zoom in, you can even see the RB values booklet in this photo. They say a picture speaks a thousand words!

Thanks for your partnership, RB.

Love from Africa.

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