Special Report from Marathon 19

A New Era Dawns

From 5-12th April nearly 300 RB leaders from around the globe met for a gathering and celebration in Marathon, Greece. We spent time praying, worshipping God, receiving teaching from the platform and in various training tracks and enjoyed catching up with friends old and new. Some powerful and significant prophetic words were brought, which are shared here:

From Rory Watts

I believe God is taking us into a new era. It’s not a change of season as it is not something we have experienced before. New eras present a total change of landscape, which brings about such a significant change in the mode of operation. Seasons are recognisable by those who’ve experienced them before and one can find yourself back at the same point – a new era is something totally new.

 From Mark Jones

We can live on the memory of yesterday’s fires at which we warmed our hands at the expense of the re-ignition of fresh fire today. Yesterday’s fuel has become today’s ash – let the history books record those great days, however, it is detrimental to the future if we dwell at a pile of ash because it was once a raging fire.

It is time to shake the ash from the grate so that breath of the Spirit for a new era can touch and ignite the Apostolic embers. The fire of a new era is for the purpose of sending out sparks to ignite many around and to which many will come and take burning embers so as to cause the same fire to burn in other regions and nations.

 From Rodney Haggar

As we were worshipping, I looked out of one window and saw the sea and land beyond. When I looked out of the other window, I just saw the sea; no land, only open ocean. I felt God speak to me about that difference!

 I sense that as a movement we have worked where we have been able to navigate. When we see a landmark or mountain or coastline, we are able to navigate according to that point. Its almost like we are a business. We are ferrying people along the coast. We are dropping people off, planting churches and building communities. Everything is navigated along the coastline and is governed by the size of the ship we have. The boat is like a ferry that takes people along. That’s how we have operated.

 I feel God would say; Look to the bigger thing! Look at the open ocean. There is a whole land and people group on the other side of the sea, that I want you to reach. I see them beyond the horizon.

 I believe God is saying in the 2020’s, we won’t stop the ferrying, but we do need to invest in a bigger boat. In my mind I’ve got the discovery of the Americas; the boats that had traded around Europe and England were not sufficient to reach the Americas. The new, larger ships were captained by pioneers and, although the crew was made up of ordinary people, they made landfall and built colonies and a nation.

 I feel God say it’s time to build a different kind of boat; time to restructure in the movement, maybe? There are things on the horizon you have not yet seen. God is saying I am going to open it. It’s time to invest in a bigger boat and start to navigate to the open sea.

Gareth Wales (Biggin Hill, England) said: “It was a great time of true fellowship, not just the worship, prayer and teaching, but eating, talking and being together. Daniel’s message on the last morning gave us a wonderful picture of God’s invincible authority, giving us confidence as we move into this new era.”

Messages from the Marathon 19 meetings and training tracks will be available online soon. Links will be shared in the next eNews bulletin.

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