“…attending Marathon19 was one of my greatest privileges ever, I was totally overwhelmed by God’s favour on my life. I had the awesome privilege of sitting with Uncle Jeff Kidwell on the plane, what a funny man he can be! We shared some biblical insight and he told me how he has been really eager to find out and experience what John the Baptist meant when he said: “the one who is coming will Baptist you with the Holy Spirit and Fire”, Uncle Jeff really wanted to experience the fire that John was talking about. I had not even arrived at the gathering and already I was being spiritually challenged!

What privilege it was for me to sit under such humble leaders and hear their hearts as they shared the word of God. The dependency on Holy Spirit was incredible. In all that they do there is a hunger for the Holy Spirit to move. Even as the leaders prayed for those from the family of churches who were not able to be with us they believed God to move in the hearts of those brothers and sisters. This was heart-warming, to the point where I forgot to pray and just stared at these men and women praying as I was aware of their heart for others. His glory alone.

All of the sermons took me back to the heart of the father. However, the last sermon stirred a great amount of faith within me when I was reminded that persecution and suffering will come. Jesus himself said that if they persecuted him, we too should expect to be persecuted. But the suffering and loss cannot be compared to the great glory that will be revealed to us. It reminded that we are not here for mankind’s approval but for His glory alone..”

From Abongile Nobongoza based in South Africa who attended our recent gathering in Greece.

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