My Soul Desire Church: Growth Report

Greetings in the Most Precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! January 2021, we conducted a vision casting entitled “The Jesus Vision” led by some of the Pastors who experienced an impartation of the anointing of multiplication from Davao (Mindanao). Right after the vision casting, we decided to join the vision.
We started to fast for 21 days as required upon joining the Divine Appointment with God retreat which was held just last January 15 and 16, 2021. We attended together with all my church leaders. It was an amazing experience of God’s power manifested on us. On the following Sunday right after the retreat, the Lord sent us 42 new attendees in our church. Succeeding Sundays was a full house, that made us decide to open another worship service which will be in the afternoon. Glory to God, in just three months time, there were around 284 new converts: 235 of them attended the Divine Appointment with God; and 200 were baptized in the water. At present, the Lord continually added new people in our church every Sunday. This month of April, God-willing, we are planning to add another worship service. By God’s grace, we are expecting on our 2nd Divine Appointment with God retreat this coming June 2021 a total of 500 new souls that will attend the retreat.
To God be all the glory!
Ptr. Danilo M. Arrabis
MSDC Senior Pastor

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