Mission in Malawi

Ntate Sam and Mme Topsy from Dihlabeng Church in Clarens, South Africa, are currently spending a week in Shine village near the city of Zomba, Malawi. Throughout their time here they will be visiting the surrounding villages to meet the villagers, share the gospel and pray with them. They have already seen some incredible healings as they prayed with people in Shine village on Wednesday; their first day in the villages.
On Wednesday, Topsy also met with some of the women to encourage them from the story of the woman who had the issue of blood in Mark 5:25-34.

Topsy then shared about the ministry that she has launched in Clarens called Hope Restored, which seeks to support women who are victims of domestic abuse.

Wonderfully, a Muslim lady, who is suffering abuse from her husband, responded and gave her life to Jesus! Please pray for this woman as the journey with Jesus won’t be easy for her, and she will face much hardship from her family.

Sam and Topsy have been visiting many people. On Wednesday they visited one family in particular who are living in extreme poverty. They have no beds, mattresses or chairs. They use a straw mat to sleep on. Unfortunately, there are families living in even worse conditions than this one. There was a lady there holding a baby girl that was not hers. The baby was a twin, but the mother died at birth and the twin died two weeks later. Sam and Topsy were able to buy the baby a tin of formula, but she is not growing well. Life is very difficult in these villages.
On Thursday, Sam and Topsy visited a family of which both parents have passed on and the children are currently being raised by their 15 year old sister. To find food, she goes to the fields after people have harvested to gather what is leftover. This girl is being taken advantage of by men in the village and had a child at the age of 12 years old. She is currently pregnant with her second child. Please pray for Susan, the lady who is supporting this family and many others. She carries much of the load of what is happening here in these villages.

Sam and Topsy had the opportunity on Thursday of talking to the young people of the village. Praise God as eight young people responded and gave their lives to Jesus! They are trusting God that He will touch many more hearts, especially those of the young men in the hope that they will become godly men.

Please continue to pray for Sam and Topsy over these next few days as they witness much suffering and hardship. Pray for strength for them as they encourage the people of the villages.

Please pray also for the many people that they encounter, that more come to accept the gospel and find hope in Jesus Christ.

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