UK – FUSion 2020

// saturday 23rd – tuesday 26th may 2020

join us for an exciting new era…

Fusion is the Regions Beyond festival, bringing together churches from across the UK and further afield to gather to God at the Norfolk Showground. You can expect passionate worship and inspiring teaching, alongside the opportunity to deepen friendships and to truly be there for one another’s success.

I believe God is taking us into a new era. It’s not a change of season as it is not something we have experienced before. New eras present a total change of landscape, which brings about such a significant change in the mode of operation. Seasons are recognisable by those who’ve experienced them before and one can find yourself back at the same point – a new era is something totally new.

Every two years, our UK network of churches gather together to worship Jesus, hear from the Bible, enjoy one another’s gifts, and get caught up in the bigger picture of what God’s doing.

Fusion is a wonderful opportunity to gather to God and be equipped for mission. We are living with a prophetic word about a ‘New Era’ and during this festival we will open this up so that we can be empowered to make a difference in our workplaces, communities and nations. We believe God has called us to be a blessing in every part of our society, using our skills and passions for the common good. And we also believe God has called us to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the UK and the nations of the world.

Bookings for the Fusion 20 are now open – if you book during the month of September 2019, you will get 2016 prices. Get in quick!
To book please go to our Fusion 2020 Site – click HERE