Dispatches from Siliguri

Bible Training on Church Planting by Regions Beyond and Proclaimers India

Proclaimers India commenced its work in 1999 through a series of meetings and conferences in Kerala, India. Its vision has been championed by the need to train and equip men and women for the work of the Lord. In specific, Proclaimers India is essentially a mobile Bible training school that aims to impart intensive training with the pursuit of breeding disciples that are well-equipped with an in-depth understanding of the five-fold ministry. Through the years, the organization has already conducted a total of 31 training programs across India, specifically in Maharashtra, Assam, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, and Jammu. Beyond India, there had also been opportunities for training held in Bhutan and Nepal.

Driven by the Scriptures of going to the ends of the Earth in preaching the gospel, the Lord’s perfect plan has paved a way for Proclaimers India to coalesce hand-in-hand with Regions Beyond, through its connections with Pastor Fusi, to plant churches in India and its neighboring countries. In line with this, church planting at Siliguri was one of the notable outgrowths of the Lord’s work in that nation.
At Siliguri, an initial training had already begun last June 15 and will go on until the 14th of July of this year. Currently, there is the active involvement of 16 students from various parts of India including, Uttarpradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Meghalaya, and Darjeeling, and these students belong to a relatively young age group, accounting from 18yrs old to 34 yrs old. These candidates are involved in Kingdom work and church planting and have also been equipped with relevant teachings in Gospel Truths, Praise, Worship and Christian Truths, Important Biblical Doctrines, Understanding Spiritual Gifts (i.e. Healing and Deliverance ministry), Discipleship and Making Disciples, Interpreting Bible and Bible Study, Effective Evangelism and New Church Plant, and Waiting on God and Breakthrough Prayer.
The training is under the tutelage of senior pastors and trainers, who travel from South India and Delhi and impart balanced Word and Spirit teaching, wherein all impartations are desired at transforming lives through Scriptures. Notably, a humbling testimony was documented from one of the students, namely Abhishek Choure of Madhya Pradesh, who exclaimed his gratefulness and astonishment in being immersed in such teachings. He said: ‘Since the teaching is very deep it has given me a new way of thinking. Earlier I did not have a prayer life and I was messed up with worldly things I am encouraged to be here. After coming here, I fasted for three days, I asked God to fill me with the Holy Spirit and I experienced His presence in my life, he said.
In addition, life-changing remarks from Methuselah Biskay (27) from West Bengal highlighted the changes he personally experienced when he absorbed the teachings of the Scriptures. He exclaimed that worshipping God was more than merely singing as it also constituted a personal and transformational connection with the Lord. Concerning that, Sujit Savra (26) from Assam also found himself being renewed and refreshed from attending the sessions. Having experienced spiritual dryness in the recent past, he was perenially reminded of the reality that without intentionally connecting with and recognizing the role of the Lord in his life, he will be famished spiritually.
Lastly, Hitesh Deepak Kunde of Madhya Pradesh has expressed great interest in the sessions as he highlighted the detail-oriented approach that has helped him understand every teaching. With this, he is excited to take all his training takeaways back to his village, seizing the opportunity to localize the Scriptures’ teachings, emphasizing the roles of worship, the Holy Spirit, the cross, and dependence on the Lord, to his community.
With all this, Proclaimers India as a mobile Bible training school not only provides advantages for the 16 students from different parts of India but it opens the opportunity to localize the Scriptures to their communities. With the intentionality to equip people with the Word of God, the importance of the training can also be dispensed on a grassroots level which will not just enable Spirit-led transformation of the involved individual, but also of their community.

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