Message from steve oliver

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Message from steve oliver

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Regions Beyond is a diverse family of churches joined in apostolic partnership. Our common desire is to see every church among us established as a loving, prayerful, worshipping community that is centred on Jesus, deeply rooted in the Word of God and fully empowered by the Holy Spirit, in order to be effective witnesses in our local communities and across the nations.
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We have a vision to see churches planted in villages, towns and cities around the world.

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We believe that our values are best displayed, seen and modelled through our people, rather than a list detailed in a document.
So when someone comes among us in Regions Beyond, they will find an expression of our values passionately on display in our lives.


14 Feb: News – Feb 20

Gary Welsh has sent this report to update us on exciting developments in Zambia.
On 19th January we had the great pleasure of setting aside Dixon Nguni, Elias Mwila and Henry Lubasi as elders for Jubilee Community Church in Livingstone, Zambia.

16 Jan: News – Jan 20

Steve and Heather have been spending time on their farm in South Africa over the Christmas and new year period. Whilst being
refreshed in the beautiful surroundings, Steve penned this message for all those in Regions Beyond churches worldwide…

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TESTIMONY // Abongile’s Story

"...attending Marathon19 was one of my greatest privileges ever, I was totally overwhelmed by God’s favour on my life. I had the awesome privilege of sitting with Uncle Jeff Kidwell on the plane, what a funny man he can be! We shared some biblical insight and he told me how he has been really eager to find out and experience what John the Baptist meant when he said: “the one who is coming will Baptist you with the Holy Spirit and Fire”,

TESTIMONY // Gareth’s Story

"...Yesterday we went to a village to pray for a old man with leprosy, I’ve never seen anything like it. Incredible time in this village, we spent 2 hours there, words of knowledge, prayed for many to be healed / set free. God moved. Many responses to the gospel. The man with leprosy felt electricity going through his body, trusting God he will be healed.

TESTIMONY // Evan’s Story

"...I sat at the back of the church meeting with university students worshipping God...and I stood there thinking 'What is this?' and then BOOM! I'm hit in the face...I can not overemphasise the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of God's love that moved me to my core and it's the very reason I'm standing here today, cause God opened my eyes and said 'Hello'. He was right there, standing in front of me.
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